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PREMIUM BAMBOO WET WIPES: Our high-quality bamboo wipes are extra-strong and provide a soft and soothing safe haven for your skin. We use aloe vera and cucumber in our plant-based formula for a naturally calming feel that nourishes the skin while it cleanses. ECO-FRIENDLY AND FLUSHABLE: Other wet wipes cannot be flushed because of the dangerous materials found inside, but you can with Bim Bam Boo as we use only natural bamboo fibers. Our wet wipes are eco-friendly and safe to flush, for the good of the planet and your convenience too. EXTRA-LARGE 56 INCH² SIZE: These massive wipes are a perfectly convenient alternative to a shower when camping or after the gym. Keep your hygiene levels up while enjoying the great outdoors with a 42-pack of humongous wet wipes. Be ready for all of life’s messes. HYPOALLERGENIC AND SAFE: Use these beautifully balanced wipes on every member of the family, from your newborn baby to your grandma.

Flushable Bamboo Wet Wipes - 1 Pack

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